SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit

The pinnacle of performance, paired with the connected components of Eagle AXS. Ready for the new generation of super bikes.

SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit

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If your bike is already equipped with an Eagle 12-speed drivetrain, the XX1 Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit is all you need to make the switch to wireless shifting.

The kit includes the XX1 Eagle AXS derailleur with battery, the Eagle AXS shifter (called the Controller by SRAM), and a battery charger. So you can use your existing Eagle cranks, cassette, and chain, saving you considerable scratch since you don’t have upgrade your entire ensemble.

Why should you should switch to electronic shifting? Won’t that make your bike more complex and harder to maintain?

Au contraire, exactly the opposite. AXS shifting does away with the hassle of routing cables and housing through the frame, and you’ll never have to worry about cable stretch or wear. You get crisp, responsive, consistent shifting that rarely needs any adjustments.

One less cable gives you a cleaner cockpit and you can customize the shifter’s buttons to do what YOU want. Setup is simple: mount the derailleur and set the limit screws, install the shifter, power up the system and pair the two.

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SRAM AXS components connect to your smart devices, enabling personalization of your bike — and ride. That includes configuring components the way you want, keeping a close eye on battery levels and exploring cross-category integrations. (Dropper post with a drop bar groupset? No problem.)

AXS allows you to better control and learn from your bike, providing you with greater and dazzling levels of interaction with AXS enabled components, like gathering useful data like how many shifts you have made and how frequently you use each cog, helping you make smarter choices on chainring size, and more. The 1x drivetrain rids you of a front derailleur, while leaving you with a atill exceptionally wide gear range.

Technical Features:

– Enables Enhanced Shifting Modes.

– Personalize Multiple Bike Profiles

– Monitors AXS Component Battery Levels

– Updates AXS Component Firmware

– Syncs with SRAM AXS, Bluetooth and ANT+ Wireless Systems

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