Kids Ride Shotgun Shred Til Bed – The MTB Animal Alphabet Book🤟

Kids Ride Shotgun Shred Til Bed – The MTB Animal Alphabet Book🤟

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Raising a future mountain biker?
Shred til bed is an animal alphabet book for your mountain bike kid – and it’s filled with 52 pages of MTB stoke!

Young riders will love the illustrated A-Z animals in the book, whilst older kids (and kids at heart) will enjoy seeing their favourite MTB features in hard-cover print.

Order your copy now, and share your love of mountain biking.

“I swear this book reinvigorated my 3 year old to get back into riding her bike. Her interest had waned, and the day after we read it she was ready to ride. Also note that there are a bunch of female animals/riders in the book which is great from a male dominated sport” – dwalsh, USA

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Introducing Shred Til Bed – The MTB Animal Alphabet 


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“Passionate about mountain biking and excited about sharing it with your favourite little future shredder? Shred Til Bed is a fun avenue for stoking the flame.”

–  Andrew, NSMB

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“Charlie has been extremely excited to read his “letters and bikes” book every evening since we first opened it! He loves pointing out the different animals, each and every bike part, and all of the tiny background details as the characters ride through woodland, mountains and more. I thoroughly recommend Shred Til Bed – it’s perfect for little kids, big kids, and us ‘kids at heart’ too!”

– Will, One Track Mind 

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“What better way to learn your ABC and your mountain biking terminology at the same time?Just be prepared for your Cycle Sprog to be desperate to get outside as soon as possible to test out all their new found MTB knowledge!”

– Karen, Cycle Sprog

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Kids Ride Shotgun


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