Kali Chakra Child Helmet

The Kali Chakra Child Helmet

Kali Chakra Child Helmet

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If your little one never wants to get off their new bicycle, then you should be getting the Chakra Child. This helmet is not only designed to keep them safe, but also show them that wearing a helmet can both be comfortable and stylish.

Start ’em early. Designed for groms, one-year-old and up, the Chakra Child Helmet is the perfect way to keep your little ripper safe.


You crash it. Kali replaces it. Kali does this because what they learn from studying crashed helmets informs everything they do.

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The Chakra Child features Composite Fusion™ in-mold construction, and extended rear coverage for added safety and protection. A visor molded directly into the shell and a Dial-Fit closure system will give any grom the confidence and motivation to get out and ride. Please note for the Chakra Child XS the dial-fit system has been replaced with an elastic band fit system, which is safer and easier for tiny heads.

WEIGHT: 245 g / 2.6 oz


SIZING: XS 46-48 CM, S 48-54 CM

Models: Monsters, Sprinkles, Unicorn

Colors: Flora Blue, Flora Purple, Pixel Black, Pixel Blue, Pixel Green

Call ahead for availability when ordering on line and be sure to tell us your size and color preferences.


$20 Shipping & Handling, Insurance included, Signature required

Check it out at the Farm, 5440 Burnet Rd Austin, TX 78756 12-7 Mon-Fri., 12-5 Sat.


Buy, sell, trade.

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